Matthew's introduction to film came through 3 DVD rentals every Friday night from his local Blockbuster video store, where he was exposed to the joys of cinema from a young age.

Currently enjoying the exploration of relationships through his work, Matthew tries to convey larger emotional concepts through small and meaningful moments. Last year Matthew won VOTD three times for his work, including his graduation film True Strength. His Super 8mm film Urban Youth also made the Official Straight 8 London Selection 2017, which premiered at the Picturehouse Central.

The Beak Street Bugle featured him on their list of unsigned directors, calling him “one to watch”.





Official Selection FilmBath Festival 2018 -
- FilmShortage Daily Short Pick -

Caitlyn Scarlett - Ornaments
- VOTD Winner -

Shaelone - San's Revenge
- VOTD  Winner -

Lonsdale 'True Strength'
- 1.4 Awards Students to Watch Short List 2017 -
- VOTD  Winner -

Urban Youth
- Straight 8 Official London Selection 2017 -

The Moth Club - She's Left
- VOTD Winner -

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